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Vacant positions

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Basic unit condition (all items in this column are required).

 Company name:Jiangsu Changyuan Electrical Equipment Co., Ltd.



Serial number



Pecific requirement


Cost accounting


The main work is: 1, production costs and sales costs of accounting, statistics and monitoring analysis; 2, the statistics of invoices; 3, the establishment of wage scale; 4, cost audit and statistical analysis. Requirements: 1. Graduation of formal accounting major, college degree or above, 2 years of formal industrial enterprise cost accounting work experience; 2. Work down-to-earth earnest, careful thinking, need to have a certain degree of job savvy; 3. Women, need to be married and have children, good character, need to provide the original name of the work unit and reasons for leaving (need to check) Real.Location: Jiangdu City No. 1 road construction works opposite the city office.



Sales related back-up reserve staff


Computer proficiency, proficiency in office software; 2, working experience as a sales clerk or sales assistant; 3, clear voice, standard Mandarin, communication and expression skills, with a certain degree of communication and negotiation skills; 4, men and women are not limited, the first degree of 2 or more preferred employment, women need to be married and have children, just graduated undergraduate students are also Can be trained to use; 5, tender production experience, procurement, sales, office administration or e-commerce work experience and other expertise is preferred to employ; 6, good character, need to provide the original name of the work unit and reasons for leaving (to verify). The location is located in the city office opposite the construction works of No.1 Road, Jiangdu.


Quality control technology reserve staff


1. Major in mechanical or mechanical engineering (graduated from 2 or more colleges), will be CAD mapping (and mapping); 2, strong sense of responsibility, willing to specialize in research, professional ethics (need to provide the name of the original work unit and reasons for leaving); 3, have engaged in electrical appliances, mechanical and electrical machinery or other electrical products technology work experience is preferred; Location: Bridge


Quality control statistician


The main work content is: 1, product testing and workshop inspection; 2, quality control technology department data collection and collation; Requirements: 1, technical secondary school or above education level, will be basic office software, work steadfastly and carefully, not afraid of hardship, good at sorting; 2, will be basic measurement tools, machinery or electromechanical professional priority record; Point: Bridge


GODOWN keeper


Requirements 1. College or above education, computer proficiency, ERP system operation, a certain degree of work savvy, down-to-earth work, can bear hardships and stand hard work, more than 2 years of formal Enterprise Warehouse Administrator work experience; 2, good character, need to provide the original name of the work unit and the reasons for leaving;




Job Responsibilities: 1, machinery and equipment, mold daily maintenance; 2, product mold maintenance and development, production process improvement; 3, factory circuit inspection and maintenance; Requirements 1, understand water, electricity, proficiency in machine repair, understand the priority of mold repair; 2, health, can bear hardships and stand hard work. 3. Graduating graduates from mechanical, electrical or mechanical engineering can also be trained. Location: Bridge


Production manager


Requirements: 1. Good personality (need to provide the name of the original work unit and reasons for leaving), have a dedicated spirit, understand the workshop 6S management; 2. Mechanical and electrical or mechanical major, college or above education, more than 3 years of regular enterprise production workshop management experience; 3. strong communication and expression ability, work conscientiously, can bear hardships. Strong planning and coordination ability, strong execution ability, work courage; 4, CAD mapping and mapping or other expertise is preferred. Location: Bridge


Foreign sales reserve personnel


Requirements 1. Bachelor degree or above (formal full-time college graduates), good image, strong communication skills, basic computer office software operation; 2. Good health, willing to bear hardships, long-term travel, can drive (C license on the line); 3. Good character, need to provide the original name of the work unit and reasons for leaving (need to) Verify that the graduates are preferred.

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