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Recruitment guide

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Resume submission
Supply your resume and apply for your intended position at Changyuan’s recruitment web page or recruitment Email.
Telephone interview
When your resume passes the review of our recruitment staff, you will possibly receive a phone call from related personnel to carry out further communication with you. (Usually telephone interview is not a must.)
Interview appointment
Applicants selected from resume or telephone interview will receive information on interview appointment. Usually we shall contact the applicant through the contact message, such as mobile phone and Email as specified in the applicant’s resume. Please make sure the contact message being supplied is authentic and valid and you are supposed to take related certificates such as ID card and diploma during the interview. 
Applicants passing preliminary interview will be arranged for the final interview conducted by the department head or technical expert. Applicants for posts above middle management may be arranged a written test as per their posts (not necessarily).
Applicants passing our interview will be informed of the duty time by the Human Resource Department, and it is necessary to report to duty on time.