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Electrical equipment industry: fraudulent investigation and upgrade to accelerate the elimination of market uncertainty

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If the policy is not perfect, it will have some room for adjustment. In the fourth quarter of 2015, electric light passengers and small and micro electric passenger vehicles were heavily heavy, partly because of the serious subsidies. Taking the 6-8 meter light passenger as an example, the state supplemented the land to supplement the total subsidy of 600,000 yuan, which exceeded the production cost of many car enterprises, thus breeding the behavior of defrauding the subsidy arbitrage. Cheats have not only eroded national and local finances, but the influx of low-end spare parts into the market has led to a sharp increase in industry risks. There are also risks in the industry chain that drive out good money.
      The subsidy policy for 2016-2020 introduces three indicators: vehicle length, endurance and Ekg. Compared with the past, the subsidy policy is more scientific and will effectively curb fraudulent behavior. However, some models have higher subsidies and there is still room for adjustment. The follow-up industry is expected to establish a traceability system for the whole vehicle and parts companies, and introduce the awards to supplement the resources, and the resources will be more inclined to the leading enterprises with large investment in R&D and excellent product quality.
      The fraudulent investigation has obvious impact on terminal sales, and the State Council's intervention can accelerate the elimination of market uncertainty. Inferred from the production certificate data, the output of new energy vehicles in the first quarter was about 45,000 units, which was nearly 80% lower than the 220,000 units in the fourth quarter of last year. The decline in production was due to the overdraft effect of rushing at the end of last year. Due to the country's fraud investigation, it has affected the car production and terminal sales. At present, except for a few cities with clear policy directions such as Beijing, sales of new energy vehicles in most regions are not optimistic. In the first quarter, the battery industry chain was not weak in the off-season, mainly due to the battery gap left by last year's fraud and the stocking for the second half of the year. The results of the survey will not be announced, and will continue to affect the introduction of local supporting policies and the production and sales volume. Now that the State Council is intervening, it is expected to further integrate the power of investigation, form a conclusion as soon as possible, and clarify the direction of follow-up policy adjustments, thereby accelerating the elimination of uncertainty in the market. Overall, we are optimistic about the significant volume of new energy vehicles in the second half of the year, and the industry boom is still high.
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