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Electrical equipment industry continues to develop

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According to the statistics of the "Securities Daily" Market Research Center, as of yesterday, the electrical equipment industry has disclosed that the company's performance report for the first quarter of 2016, a total of 20 companies expect doubled net profit in the first quarter.
Specifically, Dongfang Risheng (929.27%), Haoningda (686.71%), Zhiguang Electric (636.1%), Rongxin (523.89%), Guoxuan Hi-Tech (350%), Dalian Electric Porcelain (313.87%), Companies such as Tuo Rixin (312.18%), Founder Motor (270%), Science and Technology Monitoring (219.85%), and HKUST Intelligence (205%) expect net profit growth in the first quarter to be more significant.
In terms of market performance, since March, a total of 19 stocks have risen in the above-mentioned net profit doubled stocks in the first quarter. Among them, Blue Ocean Huateng has listed 9 new daily stocks on March 22, and has successively harvested 9 daily limit boards. 65.84%), Kehua Hengsheng (35.97%), Nandu Power (34.87%), Jiangte Electric (32.06%), Dongfang Risheng (30.96%) and other stocks have also accumulated more than 30%.
Changjiang Securities said that the policy is frequent, the industry development trend continues, and continue to be optimistic about investment opportunities in some sub-sectors. Since the beginning of this year, the state has issued a number of policies to address issues such as power cuts in new energy sources and promote sustained and stable development of the industry. It is expected that the new energy sector installed capacity will continue to maintain stable development, the sector continues to increase high growth, and the valuation is low. The key recommendation is wind power Jinfeng Technology, Tianshun Wind Energy, etc., PV Longji, Yuda Technology, Linyang Energy, Sunshine Power, Dongfang Risheng, etc.