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  • The door greets the dawn, the wealth is broad, the door receives the spring breeze is jubilant many


  • To provide a strong power guarantee for the fight against the COVID-19


  • Warmly celebrate the success of Jiangsu Changyuan Electrical Equipment Co., LTD. New Year's Party 2020

    The development of Changyuan is inseparable from the hard work of Changyuan people.Today, Changyuan is inseparable from the joint efforts of Changyuan people.We will go forward hand in hand in 2020 for a win-win future!

  • Good news: Congratulations to our company for winning the bidding (high voltage) for the fourth batch of materials in 2019 by State Grid Chongqing Electric Power Company

    State Grid won the bid at high pressure

  • Safety in production -- the company carries out fire drills

    Safety in production -- the company carries out fire drills

  • To provide a strong impetus for the people's better life - One of the series of reports on the implementation of Xi Jinping's new era of socialist ideology with Chinese characteristics by the State Grid.


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