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Transfer (State Grid Co., Ltd.): A new round of rural power grid transformation and upgrading.

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The implementation of a new round of rural power grid transformation and upgrading project is necessary to implement the central government's supply-side structural reform and promote rural economic and social development, to expand effective investment and promote steady economic growth, and to fulfill corporate social responsibility and serve the goal of building a moderately prosperous society in all respects.According to the "Circular of the General Office of the State Council forwarding the Opinions of the National Development and Reform Commission on the Implementation of a New Round of Rural Power Grid Transformation and Upgrading Project during the 13th Five-Year Plan" (No. 9 [2016] of The State Council), the company's new round of rural power grid transformation and upgrading objectives are:By 2020, the company operating in rural areas the basic realizing a complete coverage of stable and reliable power supply, power supply capacity and service level improved significantly, rural power grid power will reach 99.88%, comprehensive voltage qualified rate reached 99.45%, worth with variable volume 2.2 kva, reasonable structure, advanced technology, safe and reliable, intelligent and efficient modern rural power grids, the proportion of electricity in rural household energy consumption sharply higher.In the eastern region, equal access to urban and rural power supply has been basically achieved, the gap between urban and rural power supply services in the central and western regions has been narrowed considerably, and rural power grids in poor and remote minority areas have basically met their production and living needs.