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To provide a strong power guarantee for the fight against the COVID-19

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To provide a strong power guarantee for the fight against the epidemic

Since will be coronavirus pneumonia outbreak, xi jinping, the general secretary always attaches great importance to, personally command, deployed in person, to make a series of important instructions of the CPC Central Committee set up pneumonia outbreak of the CPC Central Committee, making arrangements for epidemic prevention and control work, fully embodies the party central committee with comrade xi for the core with the people as the center, put the life safety and body health of the people of the first people's feelings, to win the epidemic sniping action provides the strong political guarantee.The company actively responded to the call of the CPC Central Committee, took immediate actions and various measures to effectively guarantee the power supply and make positive contributions to the prevention and control of the epidemic.


The epidemic is an order, and the responsibility is greater than Mount Tai.In outbreak core priorities in hubei electric power co., LTD., with a high degree of political responsibility and historic sense of mission, to stand up, brave pioneers, concentrate on epidemic prevention and control work, 17000 grid work, day and night, safeguard party and government organs, epidemic prevention, medical treatment unit supplies power production enterprises, in the shortest possible time to complete the wuhan vulcan the mountains, the thor, huanggang dabie mountain and other power supply facilities construction task, a new hospital through the epidemic prevention and control "lifeline", to show the world the speed power supply in China.


When one side is in trouble, help comes from all directions.The power enterprises acted quickly, donated money and materials as soon as possible, and introduced various measures to support the epidemic prevention and control and power guarantee, demonstrating the mission of "the people's power industry for the people" with practical actions.State grid corporation, southern power grid company for residents and epidemic prevention key users owe not power outages, the three gorges group to ensure hubei province electricity, heat, gas energy supply, huaneng, datang, huadian, nations energy, electricity, of nuclear, CGNPC, China in turbine energy, China will build, guangdong, zhejiang energy, golden concord group, such as the electric power enterprise, grasping the epidemic prevention and control, on one hand, production safety, backed by around the epidemic prevention and control effectively.It can be said that the power enterprises have the responsibility of keeping soil, keeping soil, keeping soil responsible, working quickly and effectively, effective measures, the whole industry has formed a joint effort to prevent and control the epidemic.

General Secretary Xi Jinping pointed out that to do a good job in epidemic prevention and control is directly related to people's lives and health, economic and social stability, and China's opening up to the outside world.We are now at a critical stage of epidemic prevention and control.Here, we call, the company always adhere to the beginner's mind, never forget to remember mission, strengthen the consciousness of "four", "four confidence", "two maintenance", earnestly implement the central decision-making to deploy, adhere to the game, the epidemic prevention and control work as the most important work to grasp, the company from top to bottom solidarity, do a good job to connect, the electric power security work to grasp fine, would rather move unnecessary, do not use without preparation, to resolutely fight the epidemic prevention and control sniping action to provide safe power supply.