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Terminal connector

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The equipment clamp is mainly used to connect the down lead of substation bus with the outlet terminal of electrical equipment (such as transformer, circuit breaker, disconnector, wall bushing, etc.)The outlet terminals of common electrical equipment are copper and aluminum, and the bus outgoing line is divided into aluminum stranded wire or steel core aluminum stranded wire, so the equipment clamp is divided into aluminum equipment line from the material There are two series of clamp and copper aluminum transition equipment clamp. According to the different installation methods and structural forms, the equipment clamp is divided into two types: bolt type and compression type. Wire of each type according to the angle between the down lead and the terminal of the electrical equipment, it can be divided into three types: 0 °, 30 ° , 90 °.
DTL series copper aluminum terminal blocks are suitable for the transition connection between aluminum core cable of distribution device and copper end of electrical equipment; DL terminal is used for aluminum end of aluminum core cable and electrical equipment
DT copper terminal is used to connect copper core cable with copper end of electrical equipment. Our company also uses explosive welding process to produce copper aluminum terminal blocks and equipment clamps, with welding It is characterized by high strength, excellent electrical performance, resistance to electrochemical corrosion, long service life, no fracture and high safety.

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