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Protective Fitting

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The protective fittings are mainly used to reduce the vibration amplitude of overhead power line conductor and lightning conductor, as well as voltage equalizing and shielding of insulator strings of lines and substations above 330kV,
Such as damper, spacer, grading shield ring, etc.
The meaning of product model letter is:
M-BUS R-flexible conductor F-protection, head Y-preformed wire D-conductor J- Spacing, equalizing Z-terminal, damping Q-ball stranded G-strand
When the damper and spacer clamp are connected with the conductor, aluminum tape can be wrapped around the conductor according to the service condition.
Product material: clamp is aluminum alloy, hammer head is gray cast iron, painted or hot-dip galvanized, the rest are hot-dip galvanized steel.
Product advantages:

1. Pre twisted wire installation, safe and reliable, no slip line phenomenon. Pre twisted wire installation, constant installation force distance, large adhesion area and uniform adhesion distribution
Uniform, large axial adhesion of preformed wire ensures that the damper does not have any sliding phenomenon.
2. The installation is convenient to ensure the construction safety. Without installation tools, the installation process is simple and fast, and the construction is very safe.
3. High energy efficiency, multi frequency resonance. The unique non discharge design can eliminate the deposition of water and ice, and can generate multiple resonance frequencies to effectively absorb different vibration of frequency.

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