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Protective fitting

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The connection fittings are mainly used for the connection and repair of overhead power line conductor and lightning conductor. According to the different structure and installation methods, it can be divided into compression type, bolt type and
There are three types of preformed wire: compression type is divided into hydraulic pressure, explosion pressure and clamp pressure.
The meaning of letters and numbers in the product model is as follows:
J-connection d-LAP x-repair b-explosion pressure, parallel trench, repair, lightning wire t-ellipse, jumper M-BUS y-round, pre twisted wire s-expansion, equipment
The number indicates the size of the applicable Conductor:
DC resistance of all kinds of connecting fittings shall not be greater than that of equal length Conductor: temperature rise of current carrying is lower than that of conductor. The grip force of compression type connector on conductor shall not be less than 95% of calculated breaking force of conductor

Product material: clamp body and cover plate are aluminum alloy parts, the rest are hot-dip galvanized steel parts.

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