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Suspension clamps

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The suspension clamp is mainly used for overhead power lines. The conductor and lightning conductor are hung on the insulator string or the lightning conductor is suspended on the tower by connecting fittings. It is made of two kinds of materials: Ma iron and aluminum alloy. The suspension angle of the suspension clamp shall not be less than 25 ° and the radius of curvature shall not be less than 8 times of the diameter of the conductor to be installed. The percentage value of the calculated breaking force and grip strength of different conductors shall not be less than the values in the table below.
The meaning of the letters and numbers in the product model is as follows:
X-suspension clamp g-fixed s-double-wire clamp U-U screw j-reinforced h-aluminum alloy f-anti corona type k-top bar type T-Bag

type a-hanging plate with bowl head b-with U-shaped hanging plate x-drop type
Application: line connection, power machinery, metallurgy
Product material: aluminum alloy

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